Tuesday, September 27, 2016

American Bass Anglers Association – Ram Open Area 8 championship at Raystown Lake, PA

Im shooting for co-angler of the year. This will be my last co-angler event now that I moved up to the next level (Nitro Z18). What a great year, it’s been fruitful and educational. Thanks to all my sponsors for helping keep me out on the water. And a special thanks for my family with out their support and love I would never been able to succeed in this sport.








Fishing Tournament and Time Management Tip 1

Fishing Tournamanent and Time Management is one of the most important skills that I focuse on and try to look for improvements. The more time I keep my line wet the better my success in any tourney.

I have all my rods color coded based on the line type and line combinations.

A great produce that will help you with time management and organization is The Rod Glove for VRX Fishing.

My Rod Locker consists of the following combinations for a fast visual on what rod or rods i need to pull if not already on the deck

Floracatbon  – green

Fluorocarbon/Mono leader – OGRE

braid/fluorocarbon leader – green spider

monofilament – Red

Braid/mono leader – Red Spider

Copolymer – Orange

Braid only – black

I also use technique tags to all my Rod Gloves. This helps me identify the proper rig. If I want a C-Rig with glory arbor main line with a Mono leader I will pull out the C-Rig tag on a OGRE glove.

No fuss no muss!

Tight lines everyone.

Keep an eye out for the next tip for time management on RigRaps. Good stuff.



Winter planning for the up coming fishing season

The temps are plummeting and lakes are freezing over. What to do?
It’s time to prep for the upcoming season. Organize tackle, replace hooks, clean and re-spool reals.
One winter event I do is research the lakes for pre-tourney planning. Fishing is a year round sport, enjoy your winter activities
Tight lines!







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